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Enter the realm of AI1, where the future of automated algorithmic trading is being reshaped by artificial intelligence. At its heart lies AI1, a comprehensive trading system, forged from a fusion of advanced technologies and innovative market methodologies.

import { BybitCredentials, BybitInterval } from '../types';
import { RestClientV5, WebsocketClient } from 'bybit-api';
import { OrderManagerV2 } from './OrderManagerV2';
import { StrategyV3 } from './StrategyV3';
import { PositionManager } from './PositionManager';

import * as credentials from '../../config.env.json';
import { WebhookClient } from 'discord.js';
import { CandleSniffer } from './CandleSnifferV2';
import { Logger } from 'pino';
import { logTail } from '../utils/logger';
import { FetchError } from '../errors/FetchError';
import { OrderManagerPivot } from './OrderManagerPivot';

export class ProfitHound {
  private client: RestClientV5;
  private ws: WebsocketClient;
  private logger: Logger;

  private candleSniffer: CandleSniffer;
  private orderManager: OrderManagerPivot;
  private positionManager: PositionManager;
  private strategy: StrategyV3;
  private symbol: string;
  private interval: BybitInterval;
  private discordWebHook: WebhookClient;
  private setupComplete: boolean;

  constructor(_symbol: string, _interval: BybitInterval) {
    this.setupComplete = false;
    this.symbol = _symbol;
# Add the BolLiinger Bands 
df.ta.bbands (length=20, append=True) (length=14, append=True)

df = df.rename(
        "BBL_20_2.0": "bb_lower",
        "BBM_20_2.0": "bb middle",
        "BBU_20_2.0": "bb_upper",
        "BBM_20_2.0": "bb middle",
        "BBB_20_2.0": "bb_bandwidth",
        "BBP_20_2.0" : "bb_percent",
        "ADX_14": "adx",
        "DMP_14": "dmp"
        "DMN_14": "dmn",

df = df.drop(columns=["dmp", "dmn"])
import { BybitCandle } from '../types'
import { writeJsonToFile } from '/utils/writeToFile' 
import { StopLoss, Trade, TradeResult, TradeType } from ./backtest 
import { IsonProvider } from '/json.provider' 
import { PingPongStratagey } from ./strategy'

type BackTestConfig = {
  entryBandPercentage: number 
  stopLoss: StopLoss[]
  startingBalance: number
  contractQty: number

export class BackTest {
  private dataProvider: JsonProvider 
  private strategy: PingPongStratagey | undefined
  private trades: Trade[] = []
  private tradeResults: TradeResult[] = []
  private tradeId = 0

  private config: BackTestConfig

  constructor (config: BackTestConfig) {
    this.dataProvider = new JsonProvider)
    this.config = config

  private randomizeTradeEntry( 
    entryPrice: number,
    bandPercentage: number
  ): number {

Exclusive Access and Utility

AI1 holders gain access to a suite of premium features on the AI1 platform. This includes state-of-the-art trading algorithms, in-depth market analytics, and more, empowering users to navigate the complexities of the financial markets with enhanced tools and knowledge.

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Innovative Reward Mechanism

A unique aspect of holding AI1 is its integrated lottery system. With each AI1 transaction, a lottery event is initiated, giving token holders a chance to win 50% of the transaction's taxes. This reward system of AI1 adds an element of excitement and engagement for the community.

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Token Contract Details

This contract governs all token interactions, including transfers, tax collection, and lottery distributions, ensuring transparency and security in all transactions.

Smart Contract Address: 0x67268687E26d0F34cAc5DE30E6c2F63fACB592Bd


100,000,000 AI1 Tokens


Locked on UNCX


Locked Liquidity - 90 %

Partnerships - 10 %


5% Buy Tax:

2.5% Development / 2.5% Lottery

5% Sell Tax:

2.5% Development / 2.5% Lottery



Community-Driven Development

AI1 embraces a community-centric approach, where token holders can propose and vote on future developments, changes in tax structure, or other significant decisions, ensuring a democratic and participatory ecosystem.


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